Corporate Slackrs


Corporate Slackrs is the brainchild created by AJ Ironman, Sean Reilly, and Devin Meadow. The three Florida residents met in early 2012 and began to create the project known as Corporate Slackrs mid-2012. AJ is the groups DJ, beginning his career while in college. Devin and Sean, both highschool friends, are the producers of the group. Devin has been producing for six years. Sean has been producing for six years as well; he is also the groups digital artist.

The group met in Jacksonville during a local dance music event in February 2012, where AJ was DJ'ing. Two months later, Devin and Sean began creating music in a small studio setup at AJ's. The three entertained the idea of making it an official project; in April 2012 Corporate Slackrs was launched. The name comes from an inside joke of Devin's 'corporate' sense, and AJ's 'slackr' attitude.

Corporate Slackrs has been creating various different genres of music, meshing them all together into something they collectively tag, 'good music.' Their first release was a remix to Steve Aoki - Warp, which quickly gained support by Bingo Players, Laidback Luke, and Steve Aoki. They later released two more trap remixes, a progressive house original, and several mashups stacking their Soundcloud roster by December 2012.

In 2013, the group has branched out, especially within the artist community. Corporate Slackrs are confident in their progress thus far and plan to take the world by storm with 'good music.'


Submissions by Corporate Slackrs