Rafael "Berto" Pagan may seem like a newcomer to most of the local electronic music scene in Puerto Rico, however this explosive new talent has been crafting his sound since 2006. Playing gigs for his high school sports events, family gatherings, and house (Marquesina) parties amongst his friends, eventually "Berto" moved his focus on to the nightlife and electronic music scene of the island. In the summer of 2010, "Berto" made a connection that was key in helping him get his foot in the door to the local scene. Through a mutual friend he was offered an interview with the manager of local spot, "Club Kronos", and to his surprise, upon arrival he found himself being interviewed by a long lost high school friend. "Kronos" continued to call "Berto" back for more gigs, and "Berto" even got to headline the "Medalla Light Beer-Pong Olympics" held at the "Club Kronos".

Wasn't long before "Berto" was offered gigs at other venues, and with his high energy, explosive, and "hit" heavy sets, he began building a small but loyal following. Gigs at such venues like "Cafe La Plage", "Red Code", and "Pagana" eventually led to his current residence at "El Barril" as well as a major event at "SeƱor Frog's Paint Job Party".

Having met local Electronic Music Artist, Christopher Alexander from the acclaimed DJ house, "Z Boys", "Berto" now has his eyes set on production of his own music. With the help of the "Z Boys", "Berto" has now polished his on stage and production persona in to the artist that is "Pagan". Remixes, Bootlegs, and original tracks can be heard in all of his sets, and his style is a high voltage, explosion of energy that gives open format DJ'ing and EDM a whole new meaning.