Submissions // Discovery Project Installation Art: EDC New York

Check out some of the submissions for the Discovery Project Installation Art: EDC New York!


"Pushing (Up) Daisies"
Designed by: Janice Carnes and Terri Coppola

This fun-filled sculpture will sure to be both interactive and eye-catching. As you walks up to this piece, you will notice huge flowers formed from ceiling fans transformed with colorful, sparkling and bejeweled petals. Lights and color will continually change and reflect, as the fan blades spin against our up lights. The festival's crowd can then walk under the larger than life table supporting the flowers and glance up into our planted kaleidoscope. People will be mesmerized by the beauty of the flower petals as they cross each other high in the air then reflecting down into the mirrors of the prism . All visitors will want to linger and relax while enjoying the view. The dimensions will be an eight foot tall table with a four foot long Kaleidoscope and three varied height fans. Total height approximately seventeen feet, if canopy is used.

We are planning to build our structure out of wood, metal, paint, ceiling fans, a vintage oak barrel, LED lights, supports/hardware and Plexiglas. If time and money permits, we hope to include an airy tent above to capture the lights. This will add one more element to our daisy fantasy experience. Another sensory element we would like to add would be some hand crafted wind chimes along the entry way of the table. The gentle chiming should complete the whimsical fantasy.

Approximate costs for construction: fans $600, wood $500, hardware/supports $300, paint and marine grade sealant $200, fabric (36" wide) $200 , lights $300, wine barrel $200, Plexiglas $300, mirrors $125, miscellaneous costs $175

Terri Coppola and I have been working together for about 8 years now and have done many projects together including auction theme concepts and decor, imaginative art works for The Humane Society, and most recently a staging for a New York themed high school prom.

I have had this crazy idea for a huge kaleidoscope for a few years, but there was no way I could afford to make it happen. When I discovered this contest, I instantly knew it was meant to be. So, I asked my very talented and good friend, Terri, to help me out. So, we put our heads together, adjusted the layouts, and came up with a plan that we believe will be safe, beautiful, interactive and fun. We hope you will pick us and let this idea become a reality.

Thank you for your time,
Janice and Terri

Ivan Orama

In this installation I would like to have 3 triangles that will have each section of the triangle being 8FT x 8FT. Each section with be in a street art style ranging from quotes to art that will stop you in your tracks. Each triangle will be made out of wood.

The second part of the installation will be 40 8FT x 4FT full size cut outs that will feature a bunch of different people with different expressions. These could be place around the venue or even put into the crowd as it would look like these cut outs are crowd surfing. All cutouts will be made out of cardboard.

Total cost would be around $2983.

Sorry for the late entry. I actually found out of this about 6 hours ago.



I consider EDC a space in which individuals interact and connect through the joy of electronic music. Many Individuals gather at EDC in search of new music, new friends, good vibes, fun, etc. Therefore, by building the words “FILL UP YOUR EMPTINESS”, I believe it connects every attendee in the festival.
I chose letters because I want the art installation to stand out but also to blend in the festival varieties. This art installation can be interpreted in many different ways but it only has one purpose; to fill up whatever the attendee is searching in the EDC journey.


-each polygal sheet comes in a 4’x8’.
-60 sheets are needed @ $20/ ea. sheet
= $1200 + tax (106.8)=$1306.8
-Polygal has received high ratings in several major American & European 3rd Party Laboratories.

-1/2 in. x 10 ft. PVC Sch. 40 Plain-End Pipe. @ $1.89/ea. x 350 pvc pipes = $720.37 (tax included)

-Phillips II Plus #7 x 1-1/4 in. Phillips Square Combo Drive Exterior Screws in -Tan (1 lb. Pack)=9.37/ box. x 4 boxes
= 37.48 + tax (3.33) =$40.81

-NFLS-RGB: High Power RGB LED Flexible Light Strip - NFLS-RGB
-$10.34 per 19” strip x 55 strips= $568.70 (w/ discount)
-cables (approx. $60)

-Portable 12VDC 8-Cell Battery Power Supply @ $2.65/ea x 19 needed= $50.35
-$15 priority mail shipping

-AA 36 battery pack @ $14.98 x 5 pk = $81.56 (tax inlcuded)

TOTAL WEIGHT= approx. 100 lbs


Year after year Insomniac events has provided its customers with scenery that can literally take ones breath away. This winged animal is, in fact, a minimalized rendition of the anatomy of a butterfly. This structure was intended to shock and bewilder its viewers with brilliant colors and with its unusual design. The wings on this beast will be made with the same materials and the same technique as the pedals of the infamous EDC daisy. The body of this animal will be made up of sheet metal polished to the point in which it can reflect all of the brilliant lights coming off of the wings. The tail of this winged tyrant will be made with textile stretched over a wire frame, with internal lighting penetrating through the textile. The eyes and antennas will also be built using warped sheet metal. All of these materials will be attached to the main frame for the safety of the viewers. After all this beast will be nearly 20ft tall and 30 ft long. The expected cost will be $500 on the main frame, $1000 on the wings, $300 on the tail/thorax, and $1000 on the sheet metal and body work, bringing it in at just under $3000. As a fan of raves, I just wanted to provide my fellow ravers with and object that will take them into a place of wonder and curiosity. I can imagine myself walking down EDC and running into a beast like this.... IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Elaine Cheung

Nexus is a sculptural installation of woven fiber optics that are shaped into a massive tree-like structure. They are held together through the support structures of PVC pipe and wood. The fibers would go up along the outside of the trunk encased in clear PVC and about halfway, the fibers will branch out along a mesh fabric net that would be held up (in a T shape from the top). Along this net, the fibers would then spread out creating branch patterns and would be woven through, held all together by the holes in the net so from a side and upward appearance, it would be like a funnel type shape. There are 6 pipes holding various colored fibers which will be controlled by 2 or 3 LED DMX machines which would allow for the color changes and interwoven pattern in the branches. The fibers are able to sync with either a DMX controlled system or by audio, reacting to the music around.

Around the trunk of the tree in a spiral pattern moving upward would sit 6 interactive flowers that bloom in response to human contact. When each flower opens up activated by the proximity sensors, LEDs light up in specific sequences as the motor turns the inside petals, propelling them outwards, opening each petal.

The installation is free standing. As it is a light structure, the night is the best view time and as people walk up to it, the flowers and tree colors would react in different ways opening slowly or franticly, emitting different light patterns as the viewer comes up in curiosity. I imagine people hanging out around it, looking up and getting close or at least a certain distance away where the flowers could react.

The materials further needed are ultrasonic proximity sensors, wires, fabric, stakes, strong rope/wires, PVC pipe (clear and opaque), wood, belts, L brackets, nails, sand bags, Y connectors, right-angle connectors, fishnet or mesh fabric, fiber optics, 2 DMX Machines, extension chords, wood, clear acrylic, black synthetic fur, DMX cables, saw, (pay per minute) laser cutting time, drill, power tools (and other unforseen runs for repairs). The budget would come to between $1500-$2000.

As a celebration and an awareness driven concept, Nexus represents the core of life emanating from our deepest natural roots and human emotions. With the thin fiber optic threads, each spark of light can be seen together and spreading apart as if the very veins of the tree pulse with life and vigor. Like the thousands gathered for the purpose to dance and be in community, these threads are these tiny sparks within ourselves that come together at these great events and at its core is the light that lights up the night. The flowers drive home this idea where only upon human presence do they bloom, signaling the need for humans to live in harmony with technology and nature, the artificial and the living. EDC, to me, represents all these things a place where you are free to be who you are inside with music as your guide.


EDC has been one of the best and most magical eventful events I have ever attended. To have the opportunity and the pleaser for EDC Las Vegas 2011 be my first event was truly a blessing. When I first saw that Insomniac Events and Moto X was offering discovery projects for art and stage designs, I didn’t think much of it. Mainly because I thought I lost my creative skills. But when you have an idea brewing in your brain for days, it had to be a sign for me to at least give it a try. So after a couple of weeks of tweaking, trying to get everything I had out of my head onto paper. And to be honest I never had the ability to do. I was finally able to draw exactly what was planted in my brain for days, it was a real fulfilling moment for me. Couldn’t have come in a better time too! I know it is not the best sketches, may not even the best designs, but what this has is ideas. It has ideas for you guys and for everyone. In hopes that one-day someone may take these ideas and make them into reality!

For now, I will go in detail on my submission. I realize I may not have all the criteria you wanted but these are ideas as I said for future plans if you are interested. Hopefully one day attending an event I will see one of these in person and be in awe. Seeing what I created and seeing how you all utilized and sculpted it into perfection!

My first sketch in an Insomniac Owl Tunnel, it will be 15-20 feet if not a bit larger in size of a bright beautiful owl’s head! Got this idea by driving threw a tunnel one day. The owl’s mouth will be open and through there will be a magical lit tunnel for everyone to walk through! I left multiple ideas in my first sketch to what the owl tunnel can look like, as well as ideas for what can go inside it’s mouth (tunnel) when people walk through!

My second sketch is called the EDC Trojan-Horse Owl. This idea came to me while flipping channels and seeing the famous Rome Trojan-Horse on the history channel. Which this idea, this owl will be big, 20-30 feet if not bigger in size. This owl will be big, it will be bright, and it will be the main art of the event! Left multiple sketches and ideas in my sketches for you to look at!

My third and favorite sketch is of an interactive mini EDC Forest. Everyone has seen Alice In Wonderland, what if we bring that to EDC! Though it won’t be huge, everyone will walk through this forest. It will be a main attraction for all headliners! We could use past daisy’s and trees and build new ones, make it to a forest for everyone to remember. There are ideas of what it may have and all other information on the sketch.

Last sketch, minus the EDC Owl Tunnel (which was a side project), is an EDC Daisy Owl. Remember those big memorable daisies from last year. What if for this year an Owl will be holding one or few of them! This owl will be bright in color, big, his eyes will move, the daisy will move, it will be another must see main art attraction!

This project is inspired by simpler times playing with wooden tessellation blocks as children and using simple shapes to make fun designs. Using these geometric toys as a foundation, we propose a piece that uses diamonds made of obtuse triangles and a hexagon made of six equilateral triangles to create a flower-like light installation. The final product would be an unique, visually stunning take on the iconic EDC Daisy which would provide a great top down view for photo ops and doubles as a vibrant rest area. The final product evokes childhood nostalgia and the capacity for smaller pieces working together to create something monumental. 

Light diffusing or sanded acrylic would be measured and cut to size. All of the shapes would be raised 2 inches off the ground with painted wood glazed with fire retardant. The backing for each shape would also be made of  painted wood glazed with fire retardant. This 2 inch rise will make room for LED lights while also keeping the structure stable. The separate shapes will facilitate easier transport and stay true to our concept. 

The wood panels for the central hexagon will be arranged into 6 equilateral triangles. This adds extra support to the acrylic top and adds a cohesive design element to the central piece. The diamonds on the perimeter would be similarly supported by painted wood around their edges and through their centers. The diamonds can then be arranged around the sides of the hexagon to create petals. Additionally, the tips on the diamonds can be sanded down or rounded out to make sure they aren't too pointy. With the sides of the diamonds at 4ft, the structure will perfectly fit together. Screws would be used to fuse the acrylic sheets to the wood and holes would be drilled in the wood to arrange the LED strips throughout the whole structure.

The interior would be filled with LED lights, warm hues for the petals and cool hues for the central hexagon.To add another design element, the lights will be programmed to slowly change colors. The change will be gradual to maintain the peaceful nature of the space this art could create. The digital mock ups attached with our submission reflect a few possible color arrangements and tone options for the final design. The LED strips will be adhered to the inner panel of the wood and/or onto the bottom panel as needed to create the best lighting effects. Adjustments can be made to the type of acrylic used and the color scheme to arrive at the best possible design. We would be thrilled to work with Insomniac to add any final refinements to this piece and bring our vision to EDC New York. 

The preliminary budget breakdown (rounded up to allow a very comfortable margin of error), is as follows: 
Acrylic: $1,200 
LED Lighting, drivers, and any adhesive to : $650
Wooden supports/hardware: $350 
Fire retardant solution for wooden supports: $140
Painting materials: $60 
Power generator (for LED lighting in case no power source is provided):  $350 
Total: $2750


The name of my art installation is Piramidz. The concept of piramidz is a combination of history of music, visual representation of sound and repurposing of old music storage devices to keep it eco-friendly. The installation piece is created to be visually and intellectually engaging to all during the day and night.
My passion for art and music have persuaded me to create an art installation that visually connects to the experience of being at a EDC. Sound is materially invisible but it can create high emotions and deep feelings within that connect to our memories.
Materials per pyramid tower
$150.00 3 sheets of fire retardant plywood
$15.00 90 CD’s
$15.00 9 Broken speakers
$20.00 35 Cassettes
$20.00 35 Vinyls
$35.00 Spray paint
$360.00 2 Sheets of Plexiglass 0.125" x 48" x 72"
$5.00 Screws
$4.00 1box Nails
$8.00 Box of 1” staples
$6.00 1 roll of ape
$6.00 Tube of clear Silicon
$26.00 Galvanized 1/2” pipe
$5.00 1/2” Couplet for galvanized pipe
$16.00 4 Hose clamps
$10.00 Small led lights
$10.00 9v batteries
$13.00 Sponge ball
Total = $714.00 Per pyramid
Total for 3 pyramids towers with foundations = $2,292.00

Ideally this installation can be made with cd’s, cassettes and vinyls that could be donated by other headliners that way expenses can be cut down and old material can be repurposed . I made a life size prototype for the competition with mostly cd’s, cassettes and vinyls that I owned therefore cost was considerably less.
Weight of a full tower is approximately 100 lbs.
Height of pyramid tower is 13ft.

The pyramids weight will not be held by each other but rather by the pole and the structure when hose clamps are placed on the pole at every every tip of the pyramid. the hose clamps will support the weight of the structure by sending it to the foundation.
The base of the structure is weighted down by a 10 gallon bucket filled with concrete where the 15 ft high 1/2” radius galvanized pipe is going to be set and attached to 2 x 4 to create a wide base inside the lowest pyramid.
I’ve created technical drawings for the dimensions of each pyramid to be constructed. Each side of every pyramid will be made individually.
Once the installation is completed it will appear as a structure stacked of geometric shapes with a sense of movement due to the tilting of each pyramid. Viewers will be lured by the bright beacon of reflection that is made by de cd’s and sunlight. Viewers will be able to hang around take pictures and engage with with it by creating their own story of the installation and why it was built. During night time the installation will activate it surroundings by projecting triangles of light all over the ground and the shifting lights inside of the clear pyramids with its silhouettes of cd’s and cassettes on the pyramids faces.


Inspired mainly by trance and house music with the organic look and feel that Insomniac has been refining for EDC, "Trancition" is a large outdoor couch structure meant to allow for relaxation and socialization within the festival.

Trancition’s primary design goal is to bring people together and encourage social interaction (with strangers), as that seems to be the one key aspect to the EDC experience that needs to be more emphasized.

There are 2 main components to Trancition: the petals and the pistil.
-The petals are comfortable outdoor couches connected to the pistil via pressure sensors (one per couch). Each pressure sensor is wired to a different effect within the pistil.
-The pistil is a frosted acrylic form standing in the center of the structure. Inside the form is a series of LED components, each causing a different effect when triggered by the pressure sensors in the petals. When it is on standby (empty couches) there is a slowly pulsing glow coming from the middle, and as people start to occupy it, the LED effects increase in intensity with more people, giving the lightshow created a layered, fluid appearance.

The visual affect of the pistil’s lightshow represents the transitions and layers of the music being played, and the size and curvatures of the couches encourages socialization amongst attendees.

Petals- plywood, foam, coated packcloth; totaling roughly $1800-2000
Pistil- frosted acrylic, LED strips, Arduino unit and electronic components; totaling roughly $850-1000


Sonic Bloom is a personification of music storage blossoming into what is known today as an intangible piece of media. So what would this look like? The idea of an explosion of music forming a mushroom cloud is what first came to my mind. The CD’s reflective properties provide a dancing and waving gesture giving a sense of freedom and movement to the installation.

I think that structure can be easily assembled, while the CD net can be wrapped around.

Taking inspirations from installations that have been done before and creating a new concept, which has become Sonic Bloom.

- CD’s (These can be donated, or bought at a very cheap price)
- Lightweight metal (Aluminum)
- The base can either be made out of aluminum or 3/4“ Plywood.
- Fishing Line to create the net-like surface.

The cost would mostly go toward the structure, which would be about $2,000 while the cost of the CD’s and fishing line would cost about $1,000.

I also did a study on if the installation was too heavy or too expensive, the installation can be brought to half scale and hopefully half the price.